A narrative account by A photographer

2023-on going

I am not familiar with water towers until have called New York home. There are chances see one if I look up in the city. I’ve felt that water towers not only contain the source of life, but also are public sculptures. Water towers gives me a contemporary art feel of the time, not just because some of them have been transform into works of art. Each time I seeking and shooting them through my lens more like a city’s treasure hunt. This project appeared as a narrative account of an invisible part of the cityscape.


Jan 7, 2016 – Jan 6, 2017

This concept of urban symmetry photographs was inspired by the fascinating and remarkable architecture of the city of New York. Everyone has their own idea of New York….what makes this city great? New York is a place where scenes, images, and events can appear at any time. I felt a calling and noticed how the environment where we live is ever changing. I explored the city and visited countless buildings, subways, museums, bridges and historical landmarks.